Hello world!
Our names are Hampus Jarhede and Oskar Lövbom and we are both studying our third year at Umeå University, but more about us later.
At this blog we will keep you updated about our project. The project will be about making bees thrive in areas affected by quarrying. During this spring and summer we are going to visit the quarry "Slite" at Gotland, Sweden. The coming weeks you will read more about us, our project, the planing procedure, bees and how you save bees and by doing this, help our planet.

To find out more about the project you can click here: http://www.quarrylifeaward.com/projects/northern-europe/how-make-wild-bees-thrive-areas-affected-quarrying

Picture: Bombus pratorum photographed by Oskar last summer.

May the bees be with you,
Hampus and Oskar