Hello again everyone!

Right now we are refining our bee-hotel design. We realized that our first draft would have been a too heavy construction and would also have been too time consuming to build. But we think that we soon will have a better design, both durable and easy to move.

Simultaneously we are planning our first trip down to Slite and the quarry. It has been hard finding the optimal time to travel with exams and obligatory lectures. However, we aim to travel to Gotland the 14:th of March.

But who are we?
We are two last year students at Umeå university and our names are, Hampus Jarhede and Oskar Lövbom and this is a short background on us:

Oskar Lövbom
Age: 22 years old
Hobbies: I like to play all kinds of sports involving a ball. I also enjoy catching a movie with my friends and of course being outside in nature.
Fields of expertise: Butterflies, and hopefully soon wild bees.
Food preference: I really like pasta, and every type of it.
Personal aims with this study: This study will be a real opportunity to practice the knowledge we have acquired during our time as students at the university. I really like to experience new things and restoration is something I’ve wanted to try, to see if it fits me. Hopefully this study will be a success so that we can show that bee-hotels can be used to safeguard bees in quarries.

Here ends part 1/2 (because of characters limitation), Hampus will be presented in the following update.