This is the second part of a previous update.

Hampus Jarhede
Age: 22 years old
Hobbies: During my spare time I enjoy hiking, spending time with friends or playing badminton.
Fields of expertise: Bumblebees. I’m quite broad in my knowledge about species. I have decent knowledge about many different groups of species but I’m no expert at any group.
Food preference: I prefer vegan food, but I’m no vegan, I just eat what is on the plate, anything really.
Personal aims with this study: After this study I hope to have learned a lot more about wild bees, which is a species group I’m really interested in. I also hope to learn a lot more about restoration and more practical parts of working as a biologist.

Will talk to you soon again, in the meantime, be(e) excellent to each other!

/Hampus and Oskar