Soon it is time to travel back to Slite. Since we came back from our last trip we have tried to focus a bit on this blog and to decide how our inventory will be carried out. Hampus have been hard at work at SLU and Oskar has spent a lot of time with some GIS assignments. However during our free time we have spent quite some time planning the trip.
Firstly we have looked at the inventory methodology. Our first thought was to only to a walk in straight lines over areas covering the nesting sites, but after a little bit of thinking we decided to also include a nesting site inventory, where we will look at the activity around the hotel and the pile of sand. This is to confirm if the nests are being used or not and which species that uses the nesting sites. Secondly we have been asked to have a short presentation for some of HeidelbergCements environment managers and for Carolyn, a quarry life jury member that have come to visit ous. We are planning to introduce them to the project and later show them one of the areas in one of the quarries. Hopefully the weather will be better this time, so that we can see some bees. We also have a meeting planned alone with Carolyn during one afternoon. Hopefully the stay will be delightful and the weather will be good so that all of the inventories will go smoothly.

Hope you all see some bees, until next time!