Grizzly Bears (Ursus arctos) are a threatened species in Alberta and are often considered to be an indicator of ecosystem health. Along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada, grizzly bears occupy a landscape highly influenced by recreation and industrial activities including forest harvesting, oil and gas exploration and extraction, and mining.


Over the past 18 years (1999-2017), the fRI Research Grizzly Bear Program (fRI GBP) has amassed the most comprehensive data set of grizzly bear data anywhere in North America. Historic collar data from fRI GBP has shown grizzly bears frequenting the quarry lands and the adjacent properties, including adjacent coal mines and the neighboring community of Cadomin. Recent international collaborative work by our research team has developed new noninvasive techniques that can be used to further our understanding of this species and to aid in monitoring efforts.


Our project intends to involve quarry employees and local high school students in noninvasive genetic sampling to identify individual grizzly bears using the quarry property. By combining genetic samples, retrieved from grizzly bear hair and scat, with existing data from fRI GBP’s historic collaring and tracking efforts within the area, we are confident that an accurate assessment of grizzly bear habitat use, movement, and survival on the quarry site can be examined.


BearPaw Blog Part 12

Samples, samples, samples!

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BearPaw Blog Part 11

Check out our new infographic summarizing our Quarry Life project!

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BearPaw Blog Part 10: A successful day!

Our hard work is paying off at the Cadomin Limestone Quarry

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BearPaw Blog Part 9: Checking the hair snag sites

Any signs of grizzly bears at the Cadomin Limestone Quarry this spring?

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BearPaw Blog Part 7: Signs of Spring

Grizzly bears are starting to emerge from their dens

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BearPaw Blog Part 6: Meet Our Team!

Grade 12 student Hunter Sewid has joined the Grizzly Bear Program's team. Learn more about what interested him in our Quarry Life project.

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BearPaw Blog Part 5: Meet Our Team!

Grizzly Bear Program team member Adam Danis tells us a bit about himself, and his interest in the work we are doing on the Quarry Life Project.

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BearPaw Blog Part 4: Meet Our Team!

Local high school students Morgan Bailey and Bryce Hennings have joined the Grizzly Bear Program Quarry Life team.

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BearPaw Blog Part 3: How do Bears do That?

Our research team has been discussing what grizzly bears need in their environment to ensure their long term survival on this shared landscape, where humans are using resources found within grizzly bear habitat. Grizzly bears are listed as a threatened species in Alberta, and this designation was related to a low population size, excessive human caused mortality, and habitat loss.

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BearPaw Blog Part 2: Waiting for the Bears

Our research team has been formed with the addition of four grade 12 students who applied to join the wildlife biologists leading this Quarry Life project. As our team prepares for the beginning of our field work with organizing needed equipment and supplies, our students are learning about some basic of grizzly bear ecology, a species who is our neighbor, sharing our common landscape.

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BearPaw Blog

Part 1: Hibernation

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