The aim of this project is to increase the biodiversity of Aru-Lõuna limestone quarry and to create novel ecosystems using various innovative methods. It is necessary to combine ecological and social aspects and to raise the awareness about disappearing communities and species loss. By observing one specific quarry, we would like to educate people about the geological history of the mining area, current state of local biodiversity, and how the novel ecosystems will be created using scientific methods.  Thus, we would combine the past, present and the future.

Mycorrhizal love

What we found during searching for some inspiration?

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It's done!

On 20th of September we finally finished our final report and submitted it.

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We went to look how one of the most driest and hottest summer of last decades had affected our experimental patches

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Field work on Friday

What has summer brought to us.

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Visiting the quarry and meeting the International Jury member

We had a lovely day in Kunda, where we had a possibility to introduce our project to Dr Carolyn Jewell and together visit our experimental patches and see first results!

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More pictures from our field work in Kunda

We are back with more pictures of our field work!

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Making our experimental patches

Last week we went to Aru-Lõuna with our supervisors and made the experimental patches to see how adding soil that contains mycorrhizal fungi to mined area affects the sprouting of seeds. We had much fun!

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Visit to Aru-Lõuna quarry

Last Friday, 26th of Janurary we made a visit to the Aru-Lõuna quarry. We were very excited to go to Kunda for the first time as an official team.

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First meeting in 2018

3 weeks ago our team gathered in University of Tartu to discuss some further plans. We discussed the feedback from jury, our further activities and project timeline.

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